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Technique FTA – Simple Make Big Profit

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    Hello, all..
    I try to share a little one technique that I learned and used in forex trading. Very simple and easy to get profit in forex trading …

    Im sorry guys, i just can speak english. If you can’t understand what I write, try using google translate and take easy πŸ˜€

    I created this technique is based on observations in the chart from forex trading. I read a lot ebook forex trading technique began from free until paid. And I conclude from it all into a trading style that is suitable for my use

    This technique is only used to analyze technically at TF H1. To simplify calls and remember this technique, I give the name of the FTA (Forexbie Technical Analysis). Forexbie is an acronym Forex Newbie that means forex for beginners. Actually this is a very common technique we know and is already widely used by traders. But here I modify a little. Trading base SNR, TL and Breakout. OK more details I’ll explain more in here .. 😎

    The way that I use is quite simple and very easy. Everyone will be able to use it. Okay without wasting any more time. I will explain how to use this technique immediately..

    Previously there are some things you should know first in using this technique .. Among them are the following:
    SNR ==> Support and Resistant
    TL ==> Trendline
    Breakout ==> Breakout is a condition in which the price has been cut line SNR and TL
    Retrace / Retracement / Reject ==> Retrace is a condition where the price close to the line that has been in previous breakout
    Failed breakout ==> Failed breakout is a condition where price fails to breakout on the line SNR or TL
    Invalid breakout ==> The condition where price fails to retrace when the breakout line SNR or TL. Or the price went back into SNR or TL as before

    Next .. We got in on the discussion of the main .. Okay, later i continue again.. I wanna sleep now ^_^




    How to create a line of support, resistance and trendline

    First we will discuss how to create a line of support, resistance and trendline correctly. It is an absolute requirement that is very very important in trading. Because finesse define these lines will be very easy to get profit in forex trading

    In making the support line, and trendline resistance not carelessly scratch. But there are rules that we must follow. Although there is no default rules, but if this will help you follow the forex trading is more appropriate

    Here’s how to create a line of support, resistance and trendline right

    A. How to create a true SNR Line

    Look at the picture below:


    See the arrows that I have made. How to make a line SNR is to put a horizontal line in the body of the candlestick as above


    See the picture above. I make a line on a pair USDCAD SNR. So how to make it in place on the body of the candlestick end like that


    One more example. See his arrow ..

    Well after knowing how to create a line of SNR. Now go to the lines Trendline

    How to make a line trendline is to see two pieces of heights (or lows) that has been constituted by the previous price. The last two points in connecting with trendline (TL)

    B. How to make the correct line TL

    See picture below ..


    First I made two red arrows. 2 shows two arrows point heights have been formed by the previous price. The next nah both the altitude difference in connecting with the line up to form a trend

    On the green line that I created showed that the price is moving away and approached the line.


    The picture above shows the same example as I have said in the first picture earlier. 2 pieces point designated by the red arrow in connecting with the trend line. Then formed trendline (TL) as shown in the picture


    Images above is one example of how to create a trend line correctly in forex trading.

    Okay so first .. later I continue again .. πŸ™‚


    Lesson 2

    Okay. I think is already finished the first lesson. This time I will follow-up on the second discussion. I will discuss about the reference or benchmark making lines SNR and TL. If we do not know the reference / main benchmark SNR how to create a line that will make us confused to determine the appropriate SNR.

    Well below the reference / benchmark SNR correct line:


    See the image above. I create a horizontal line. Today means the movement today. So here you suppose the price is still moving in the column that says “today” and the column next to “tomorrow” it is the price that will be formed later. So to analyze tomorrow we see from the price movement through the Line SNR

    Other examples


    So the conclusion is: we create a benchmark or reference SNR lines are the points that have been formed by the price on the previous day. The points in the mean is a low point, high point and wave in the form of price.

    More details you can see in the image below:


    Now that’s an example of how to create a line SNR correctly. How the above is very easy and you can understand with a fairly short time …

    Benchmark Trendline correct

    Not much different from the SNR. How to make a line TL is to put a line in the body of the candlestick. Do you make a line at the end of the wave that has been constituted by the price as a green line below, and then you connect with the trend line


    Other examples like this


    Example again πŸ˜€


    Well like that benchmark / reference made SNR line TL and quite simple. Make sure you put the line in the body of the candlestick

    Okay so first .. Later I will continue again πŸ™‚


    Lesson 3

    In this section I will discuss about Breakout, retrace and invalid breakout

    • Breakout

    Breakout is a price that has managed to cut the line SNR or TL that we created earlier. when we had already made a line SNR or TL. We observe it if the price managed to breakout the line or not.


    Candlestick best current breakout line SNR and TL is a big candlestick (length). Great Candlestick describe their great strength in it. The great strength of this highly influential on subsequent price movement. Usually when there is a large candlestick membreakout SNR or TL prices will still continue its trend.

    • Retracement

    Retrace is the price movement that tried to approach the line of SNR or TL that has succeeded in the breakout. So usually after the breakout price, he will retrace. While doing retrace price just approaching the TL and SNR, then after that it will continue its trend. Retracement of the truth is when price approached the SNR or TL but not backing his breakout again. When the price breakout SNR or TL again is called invalid breakout


    Retrace can be represented by 1 or 2 pieces candlestick after a breakout like the picture above.
    Okay now look at the picture below carefully .. !!


    See the words “breakout” that I give a red box and see the purple colored arrows in the picture above. candlestick best when the price breakout is like that on the show in the purple arrows. After the breakout, Price will not go straight down, but price will be approaching the SNR in the breakout. Here you can look directly at the green colored arrows and labeled retrace. Look after the retrace, price trend continued ..

    In the use of the trendline is not much different. In essence, it is actually a line trendline SNR also has a certain angle

    • Invalid Breakout

    Invalid breakout is a condition in which the price back breakout SNR or TL again. For example now price moves from the bottom up (bullish) and the price managed to breakout SNR on it. Well after the breakout price will retrace back before price will move up. But in this case the price is not continued the trend of UP where the price breakout back line SNR earlier. So now the price of playing under SNR. These are the things in called invalid breakout

    To make it easier to understand, I will give a picture as below:


    The first price breakout SNR that I have made before. and the price looks retracement above SNR. But after several hours passed back price breakout SNR and play under SNR. Well this condition in the call invalid breakout.

    Next, after the price of playing under SNR, the price continues to fall until the breakout in SNR in the middle of the line. You can see the green colored arrows. Price here breakout and retracement. After the price retrace back to continue the trend as far as the SNR (support) at the bottom.

    Well there are interesting here, why the price may continue to trend up at the bottom Support? The answer is quite simple, you try to watch that blue colored arrows above. it shows a large candlestick breakout SNR. Well here’s a great candlestick signals that the trend is still going forward. Candlestick great depicts a large enough force to move downward as in the above case


    Lesson 4

    How do I open position?

    Well the most eagerly awaited of the first one is how we open position or entry. Yes of course we will learn how OP is correct according to the rules of this analysis. Actually, if we understand all of the above material carefully, then we already know where the open position. Roughly there anything you already know where your open positions were most fit right?

    The right Open position is after the price retrace close to the line that is in the breakout.

    So when looking at price breakout, you have to wait for the price retrace back to the line SNR or TL. Then when the price retraces you wait when the price try to move to continued trend again

    See the following example:


    In the picture above, price is already breakout and price retrace. And after retrace, price UP tried to move back to continue the trend. Then take a buy position there ..

    Here’s an example of how to open a position Sell


    When price retrace, you take the opportunities open positions as the picture above instructions

    Invalid breakout? Here’s an example of how open position when seeing invalid breakout


    Okay please see and understand the images above ..

    Later continue again ..


    Lesson 5

    Examples of live trading

    Okay, now I give examples of the use and live trading ..

    Look at the picture below .. let’s say the price is still like in this picture …


    In the picture above, first we must make line SNR. There are 3 pieces of line SNR in the image. Ie on high, wave and low the previous day. Then we see where the current price. Price is currently at the top SNR or breakout highest SNR days ago.

    Now we wait for price to retrace toward the SNR lines in some future time … if price retrace after that try to move up, it is likely the price will stir bullish, and vice versa..


    After waiting for some time, it turns back to the breakout price of the SNR. And now the price is under SNR area .. we wait candle close. If we close below SNR just try to Sell

    See the picture below, the price has closed below the SNR


    Okay we OP (Entry) SELL on the line above the gray color. and wait in the next few hours ..


    see now? Price down long until the bottom of the SNR .. You’ve got a big profit today .. !!


    Okay, we continue examples of how to use FTA…

    See picture below..


    when prices are at TL, price invalid breakout, and re-enter to the lower TL. Seeing this conditions, I try Entry sell. Prediction prices will down


    And see, now I almost TP


    And now TP πŸ™‚


    a bit spammy this huh? also with you free download link. an official warning hereby, any more posts of this kind and we will have to ban you im afraid.


    Iim sorry admin, i just use the signature facility in this forum. and im Not spam here πŸ™‚ – i just wanna sharing about my strategy forex trading.

    Now i wanna to continue about example of strategy FTA.. πŸ™‚

    still in the same pair I tried Sell Entry when viewing price failed breakout a SNR line that I created


    And look, now Take profit already touched. Now, as we see, the price is already breakout line TL. now is the time we wait for a retrace formed .. OK


    See, it already formed retrace and the price is already moving up


    Wow.. very long.. ^_^


    Another Example. Price invalid breakout


    Failed breakout


    Now Take profit


    look the chart below, we can see price is already break-up line SNR. but within a few hours later, the price breakout down the line SNR. means the price is overbought. I try entry Sell in this pair.


    Take profit πŸ˜€


    invalid breakout


    Take profit Now..!! ^_^


    Okay, up here first .. please leave a reply here so that this thread is not deserted ..
    Thank you in advance.

9 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 9 (van in totaal 9)
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