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  • Wave Function and Elliott Wave
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    Every wave serves one of two functions: action or reaction. Specifically, a wave may either advance the cause of the wave of one larger degree or interrupt it. The function of a wave is determined by its relative direction. An actionary or trend wave is any wave that trends in the same direction as the…[Lees meer]

  • Elliott Wave and Essential Design
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    Now observe that within the corrective pattern illustrated as wave ② in Figure 1-3, waves (A) and (C), which point downward, are each composed of five waves: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Similarly, wave (B), which points upward, is composed of three waves: A, B and C. This construction discloses a cr…[Lees meer]

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    Elliott used the word “failure” to describe a situation in which the fifth wave does not move beyond the end of the third. We prefer the less connotative term, “truncation,” or “truncated fifth.” A truncation can usually be verified by noting that the presumed fifth wave contains the necessary five subwaves, as illustrated in Figures…[Lees meer]

    All waves may be categorized by relative size, or degree. Elliott discerned nine degrees of waves, from the smallest wiggle on an hourly chart to the largest wave he could assume existed from the data then available. He chose the names listed below to label these degrees, from largest to smallest:
    Grand Supercycle Supercycle Cycle…[Lees meer]

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    Planning your exit

    Since no human can see into the future, unfortunately new and experienced traders alike will sometimes have to contend with losing trades.

    Emotions can run high at these times. Watching your hard-earned money being depleted from your account is an uncomfortable experience – and it can compromise your decision-making…[Lees meer]

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